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dentures in Monroe

Get Your Dentures in Monroe at Smile Zone Dental

You can call it bad luck, but some people will need to consider dentures at some point. Here are the warning signs that may indicate you need false teeth and the available treatment options.

Precursors are easily spotted. Suppose you’re experiencing one or more signs right now. In that case, we encourage you to immediately head to Smile Zone Dental in Monroe, Michigan, for a consultation.


The most obvious sign is a sizable toothache that won’t go away. This aching could signal decay that has made its way to your nerve. While a root canal may be an excellent option to save the tooth, sometimes the decay is beyond the point of salvage, which will require extraction and wearing complete dentures.


Sensitive and swollen gum tissues are the first warning sign of something worse – periodontal disease. Our dentists treat early signs of periodontal disease, gingivitis, and bad breath with thorough teeth cleaning and prescription products. Catching periodontal disease early on is vital to saving teeth. 


When teeth start to loosen or shift, it is a good sign that replacement teeth are in your future. When teeth are loose, it signals decay and may result from gum disease. Significant damage may occur under the gums, where infection can fester without you noticing. You must consult your dentist if you see gaps widening between your teeth.


Painful chewing while eating hard or chewy foods indicate needing replacement teeth. Another sign of decay is chronic indigestion. Because your teeth aren’t functioning correctly and chewing is difficult, you’re more likely to take larger bites, leading to stomach pains. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you should visit Smile Zone Dental in Monroe, Michigan for a consultation.


You must act now if you’ve already lost one or more teeth. The longer you go without wearing dentures, the more you risk losing your remaining teeth. Without all your teeth’ support, other teeth shift faster and become weaker. Let’s take a look at all the options:

Partial dentures are the better option when you haven’t experienced substantial tooth decay. Partials only replace a portion of your teeth and rely on healthy teeth around the denture for support. 

Immediate dentures are just that, immediate. You can replace your missing teeth right away. Although, the gums can take up to two months to heal enough to support traditional dentures. You’ll need several adjustments to ensure the best denture fit, as they may feel loose because the gums shrink after extraction. 

Full dentures can only be worn once your gums have healed after extraction, usually two months. Most modern dentures may feel more comfortable as they have an integrated support system that allows you to wear them without denture adhesive. These types of dentures are best for those who have lost all their top or bottom teeth.

Dentures in Monroe, Michigan

The thought of dentures can be scary, but knowing you have several treatment options is comforting. If you’re experiencing any above symptoms, we encourage you to schedule a visit to Smile Zone Dental in Monroe, Michigan. We care about your oral health and can help evaluate the best treatment for you.