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dental implants in canton

Dental Implants at Smile Zone Dental in Canton

You have heard many good things about dental implants in Canton, Michigan. Dental implant restorations replace the root in the jaw bone and give you the most natural teeth possible. The only problem is the thought of having to undergo surgery. 

Many people are unsure about getting dental implants fitted as they worry that it could be too painful. However, the procedure is usually pain-free and the best long-term option for tooth replacement. 

Sure, the procedure may be associated with some discomfort, but the oral health positives outweigh the negatives tenfold. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect in an implant treatment plan.

How Many Appointments Will I Need?

Your implant journey can take 3 – 15 months, depending on how many implants are required and if additional supporting treatments are necessary. There are several stages to fitting implants, including:

  • initial consultation
  • titanium tooth root placement  
  • a healing period
  • dental crown fitting (artificial tooth)

Occasionally, where less bone is present under the gum, it may be necessary to complete a bone graft or sinus lift. Low bone density is not unusual and is a common cause of tooth loss. If this is your case, your dentist will discuss the best options for your needs.

You will receive a local anesthetic and the option of IV sedation. Any discomfort during recovery is managed with over-the-counter pain medication.

You Can Relax in Our Care

Please don’t feel apprehensive about having your implants fitted. Our team reassures you every step of the way. From your first consultation, we discuss the best treatment options for you, outline recovery, and discuss any concerns you have.

We advise on appropriate aftercare to ensure that your mouth remains healthy long after the procedure. A comprehensive plan will give you a detailed schedule of appointments and milestones for your dental treatment.


As with any surgical procedure, there is recovery during which tissue heals, and the body adjusts to the implant. The recovery period depends on the patient, overall health, and the extent of the work.

After the procedure, some discomfort is normal and can be relieved with over-the-counter pain relief. Suppose in the rare event you do experience any severe pain. In that case, you should seek medical attention and arrange a follow-up appointment at our dental office.

Cost vs. Benefit

Implant treatment may seem daunting, but the small amount of discomfort could save you from a lifetime of painful problems.

Having fewer teeth can affect your confidence to laugh, speak, and smile and even limit your diet. Less chewing causes the jawbone to weaken and waste away. Having gaps between teeth causes the remaining teeth to shift inwards. Patients often experience headaches, achy jaw, and less biting force when this happens.

In addition, having removable dentures as replacement teeth changes the shape of the face and require constant adjustments and uncomfortable adhesives.

Get Your Dental Implants in Canton

Although implant-supported restorations can feel like a massive step, the benefits often outweigh the potential risks of leaving your mouth with gaps. At Smile Zone Dental, we can place a single dental implant or several implants for multiple teeth.

Dental implant services in Canton are routine procedures to replace missing teeth that should not be painful. They have the power to change the quality of life. Once fitted, implants can last a lifetime with good oral care, giving you comfort and security. Call Smile Zone Dental in Canton today!