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Learn About Dental Implants in Michigan

Dental implants are a form of smile restoration that we use to replace a lost tooth. This is anchored to a titanium post that we secure into the bone of your jaw. This creates a stable foundation for your implant, minimalizing bone loss in the process. We then place an abutment on top of the implant to connect with the crown. All of this then restores your oral function, allowing you to converse with ease, chew food like normal, and be proud to show off your new smile. As with any dental restoration technique, there will be plenty of questions. The team at Smile Zone Dental has answered some of the most frequent questions about dental implants. Contact our Monroe, MI dental practice today to schedule your appointment for a beautiful new smile.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

There are plenty of advantages of dental implants! Implants are strong, long-lasting replacements that act and look like your natural teeth. Some of the advantages of implants include:

  • Improving your appearance and self-confidence
  • Can last a lifetime if properly taken care of
  • Allow you to have an active lifestyle with speaking and chewing
  • Improve your ability to eat the foods you enjoy and healthier options
  • They are impervious to decay due to their titanium construction
What are the disadvantages?

Just like any medical or dental procedure, there are some side effects and risks. Most commonly, patients can risk infection, inflammation, and pain. But we’ll walk you through any issues you may be experiencing. Additionally, if you lack the bone in your jaw to place the titanium structure, we may have to do a bone and gum graft. This procedure adds to the implant and recovery time and increases the cost as well. But the end result is always worth it.

How long do they last?

Unlike your natural teeth, dental implants are impervious to diseases like decay. However, it’s still important to maintain proper care and gum care. Brush your dental implants as normal and continue to schedule routine cleanings and check-ups to guarantee a long-lasting smile.

Are dentures and implants the same?

No. dentures can be removed for cleaning and maintenance, while dental implants are permanent installations in your jaw. However, dental implants require significantly less maintenance than dentures and also provide a stronger, more reliable restorative solution as they don’t move around while you eat or speak. Our team will help you determine the right restorative measure for you and your smile.

Are implants safe?

Yes! Dentists have been using dental implants for corrective dental work for years. And the technology has only gotten better, safer, and more efficient. These are highly sophisticated devices that licensed, trained professionals implant into place. We recommend them due to their reliable, strong, durable, and safe way to replace missing teeth.

How long does the procedure take?

There are a few different factors to consider when determining how long your dental implant procedure will take. These include aspects of your dental health record, which teeth need to be replaced, the number of teeth being replaced, and if you will require an extraction prior to the implant. Dental implants take two phases for the entire process. On average, it takes about three to nine months. This will take a bit longer if you need to have an extraction first, as your mouth will need to heal. Bone grafts are another aspect that we may need to conduct prior to your implants that can add to the healing time. We’ll discuss your specific time period after we get a better idea of your situation.

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