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Get the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

Almost all of us look and feel our best while smiling. But what happens when we feel insecure about our smile? If you’re not satisfied with the appearance of your smile, Smile Zone Dental is here to help. We provide premier smile makeovers at our locations in Fort Gratiot and MI. These procedures combine several operations to give you an ideal smile—bright, white, and straight. Be sure to talk to our team about your goals for your appearance. Let us know if you’re looking for straighter teeth, whiter teeth, healthier gums, or all of the above.

woman smiling while holding a toothbrush

Using Smile Design to Give You Top-Quality Results

Our team uses smile design techniques to help you achieve the best results. Simply put, a smile design procedure makes your teeth look straighter and whiter while still appearing as natural as possible. In many cases, smile design can restore your teeth to their original appearance. To realize these results, the Smile Zone Dental staff analyzes the patient’s facial proportions and formulates a plan to restore the teeth and gums, and the whole smile as a result.

older woman with beautiful smile

Components of a Smile Makeover at Smile Zone Dental

We use a variety of procedures to complete a full smile makeover. Some patients need only porcelain veneers to restore their teeth to their beauty, while others require several more techniques for best results. Other procedures that our team may perform include placing crowns or bridges, gum lifts, dental implants, dentures, and teeth whitening. Discuss your goals with your dentist, and we’ll let you know what combination will work for you.

Experts to Help You Get the Ideal Smile

The ideal smile is within your reach when you choose Smile Zone Dental. Our smile makeovers are performed by experienced dentists and prosthodontists who have helped many a happy patient. No matter why your smile makes you feel self-conscious, rest assured we have a technique to address your concerns. When your smile looks and feels healthy, you’ll likely feel a boost in self-esteem and confidence as well. If you’re interested in our top-quality smile makeovers in Fort Gratiot and MI, don’t hesitate to speak with our staff. Simply explain your goals to us, and we’ll walk you through the procedures needed to achieve them. Don’t resign yourself to a subpar smile; contact us for a smile makeover today!

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