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Restore Your Beautiful Smile with Dental Crowns

If you’re struggling with a smile that’s damaged, discolored, or have chipped or broken teeth, a dental crown or bridge may be perfect for you. At Smile Zone Dental, we provide all types of dental work to help our patients make the most of their smiles. We’ve been serving Monroe and Fort Gratiot, MI for years. And we look forward to working with you next. We’ll go over how dental crowns and bridges can benefit you, your smile, and your health. Read about these options and give us a call to schedule your appointment.

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What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are a cosmetic restoration practice to improve the shape, strength, and color of your teeth. We use them mostly to fix broken, cracked, or worn teeth. They’re also a popular device for replacing failed restorations or for repairing teeth that have seen extensive decay. Also known as caps, we cemented them onto existing teeth, fully covering them from the gum line. The crown then becomes your new biting surface. They can be made of different materials, each with their own advantages.

Dental crowns last anywhere from 5-45 years. This all depends on taking proper care of them and the material that you choose.

The Dental Crown Process

The dental crown process takes a little longer than other practices due to its ability to improve the look and function of your teeth without anyone being able to tell you’ve had work done. These natural-looking and -feeling crowns are fitted to your teeth in just four easy steps:

Numbing and Filing – We numb your teeth and adjust them to meet the specifics of affixing a crown on top.
Impressions – We take impressions of your teeth to give us the perfect dimensions for your crowns. While we do this, we’ll provide you with a temporary crown to get used to how they feel.
Fabrication – While you adjust to your crowns, our laboratory fabricates your permanent crown using the materials you selected.
Installation – We’ll invite you back for your final appointment where we will install the permanent crown. We’ll adjust any color or shaping during this visit.

Types of Dental Crown Materials

There are a few different materials that dental crowns can be constructed from. We’ll conduct a thorough investigation of your targeted area with x-rays to determine the best material for your restoration. The options include:

Metal – These can include gold, chromium, nickel, and other allows. Metal crowns require removing the least amount of tooth structure to implant. We usually recommend these for molars as they are the most noticeable material.
All-Resin – The most affordable option.
Temporary – We install temporary crowns for you to get used to the feeling of speaking and eating with a crown while your professional-grade crowns are being fabricated.
Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal – Porcelain is the best material for matching the color of your teeth. To help prevent the porcelain from wearing down over time, we fuse it with metal. This keeps your teeth looking great while staying strong for years to come.
All-Ceramic or All-Porcelain – These are the best for matching your crown with the look of your natural teeth. However, without being fused to metal, they don’t last as long, requiring additional visits for maintenance.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are fixed dental restoration appliances that we use to replace one or more missing teeth. It’s a perfect solution for replacing a tooth without using dental implants. These usually consist of two or more crowns that anchor to an existing tooth. Like the name suggests, dental bridges literally bridge the gap of missing teeth. It is a permanent installation that stays in place, allowing you to speak and eat freely without worrying about removing it or cleaning it like dentures. It’s natural-looking and won’t be noticeable by other people, making it one of the most popular dental restoration solutions we conduct.

Types of Dental Bridges

There are many different types of dental bridges, depending on what your mouth and teeth need for a full restoration. Some of the dental bridges we apply include:

  • Traditional
  • Composite
  • Cantilever
  • Implant-Supported
  • Maryland

Am I Eligible?

Most patients who are missing one to three adjacent teeth are prime candidates for dental bridges. During our first appointment, we’ll accurately diagnose your situation and find a solution that works best for your teeth and your budget. If you have signs of gingivitis, we may need to conduct that treatment prior to affixing your dental bridge. Everyone’s mouth, teeth, and gums are different. We understand the unique approach to each patient and tailor the experience to them.
Call us today to schedule your appointment for corrective dental restorations.

At Smile Zone Dental, we are a full-service dental office. Thanks to technology, research, and development, there are plenty of ways to restore your teeth. Everyone deserves to be proud to show off their bright smiles. Whether you’ve been putting off getting corrective dentistry for a while or want to learn more about your situation, give us a call. We’ll examine your teeth and find a solution for you.

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