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Your Source for General Dentistry in Canton, Fort Gratiot & Monroe Michigan

Smile Zone Dental understands how valuable our general dentistry services are for our patients. We’ve provided care for countless patients of all ages, including preventative services, emergency treatment, and effective help for issues like teeth bruxism. As one of Michigan’s prominent dental service providers, we believe treating any dental health concern should include an emphasis on efficiency and comfort for anyone who visits our dentists. Our dental offices are currently located in Fort Gratiot and Canton, Michigan, Monroe and we invite you to make an appointment at either of them in the near future. Make sure you get your cleanings, fillings, and more at Smile Zone Dental.

Comprehensive General Services

Our commitment to high-quality dental service gives you long-term happiness and use of your teeth. We provide the following general dentistry services:

Dental Mouthguards

We offer custom-fitting sports guards to protect your mouth during sports and nightguards to keep your teeth from grinding when you’re asleep.

Oral Cancer Screenings

We’ll examine your mouth for any signs of cancer growth. Catching cancer in its early stages allows us to treat it before it develops into a more significant issue.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

By removing the decayed tissue, cleaning the affected area, and using a tooth-colored composite resin to fill it, we effectively resolve a cavity so that it blends in with your teeth.

Teeth Cleanings

Getting your teeth cleaned at our dental office is a staple of maintaining a healthy mouth. Stay up to date on your appointments to avoid decay and damage, which can result in worse issues if you don’t treat them.

Call Our Offices for Efficient Care

At both of our dental offices, Smile Zone Dental looks forward to caring for your entire family’s oral care needs. We’ll tailor every treatment to your comfort and best oral health. Give us a call today to find out more about our location, services, and specials we’re currently running. When you’re ready for a fantastic smile, request an appointment in Fort Gratiot, Canton & Monroe MI.

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