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Premier Dental Care In Monroe & Fort Gratiot, MI

Smile Zone Dental provides professional 3D dental imaging such as cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) in Monroe and Fort Gratiot, MI. The option for oral imaging as advanced as CBCT scans puts the patient’s comfort is our top priority. There’s no need for the enclosed spaces or bitewings involved in past x-rays and scans. From dentures and dental implants to the most advanced 3D dental imaging, we strive to provide the best dental care possible for our valued patients.

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What Are 3D Dental Imaging & CBCT Scans?

Professional 3D dental imaging such as cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) uses an x-ray arm that rotates around the head. The process is quick, efficient, and comfortable. As it turns, multiple images are captured and sent to a computer and compiled into a 3D format. This clear and concise imagery allows dentists to diagnose patients and customize their treatment safely. A CBCT machine will enable dentists to accurately view each tooth’s height, width, and depth. With this highly-advanced dental imaging system, dentists can see the teeth, muscles, nerves, disease, infection, and more.

Common Uses For 3D Dental Imaging & CBCT Scans

Common uses for 3D dental imaging and CBCT scans include cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic work, and implants and dentures. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, CBCT scans can enhance a dentist’s ability to effectively plan complex treatment, such as bone grafts, root canals, or another cosmetic dentistry procedure. When it comes to orthodontic work, CBCT scans are used to create a 3D image for orthodontic concerns and planning treatment. When it comes to implants and dentures, CBCT scans allow for customizable services and efficient, one-time fitting sessions.

How Does A CBCT Machine Work?

A CBCT machine is a highly-advanced digital x-ray scanner that is securely mounted on a rotating arm. The rotating x-ray scanner emits a cone-shaped beam of radiation and onto an x-ray detector. The x-ray scanner and detector rotate around a fulcrum that is positioned directly above the patient. Over a few seconds, the CBCT machine can take anywhere from 150 to 600 projection images.

The Benefits Of 3D Dental Imaging & CBCT Scans

Premier 3D dental imaging such as CBCT scans can pass easily through the gum tissue, generate hundreds of images in a single scan, and reduce your radiation exposure. With traditional x-rays, you won’t get the same benefits that you’ll get with 3D dental imaging and CBCT scans. These benefits include:


  • Efficient – Permits dentists to view the patient’s entire mouth, not just a singular corner like an x-ray does.
  • Precise – This shows how the teeth align with one another and where they sit in relation to one another, unlike an x-ray.
  • Comfortable – Unlike traditional bitewing x-rays, there is no discomfort when it comes to CBCT scans. This 3D dental imaging solution puts patient comfort at the forefront.
  • In-Depth – Unlike x-rays and other traditional dental imaging methods, 3D dental imaging and CBCT scans permit dentists to visualize the mouth and what needs to change accurately.
  • Specific – With CBCT scans, dentists can zone in on a particular area to examine in an x-ray – even one as small as a tooth’s root.
  • Controlled – With CBCT scans, the quality of the images being produced is highly-controlled. It can be specific to a selected area.

Why Choose Smile Zone Dental?

Smile Zone Dental provides premier dental care services throughout Monroe and Fort Gratiot, MI. With multiple locations, our valued patients can visit the site that is most convenient for them. With patient satisfaction at the forefront of all we do, you can rest assured you’ll never be treated like a number. Our dental services are personalized and tailored to serve your unique needs best. We boast highly-trained and -educated doctors who will ensure you receive nothing less than the best care during your visit to one of our state-of-the-art facilities.

Contact Us Today For 3D Dental Imaging & CBCT Scans

Smile Zone Dental offers state-of-the-art 3D dental imaging and CBCT scans for patients in Monroe and Fort Gratiot, MI. Our team of highly-skilled dental specialists has the technology and skill to ensure you have the best dental visit possible. Give us a call today to discuss the available options or request an appointment to speak face-to-face about our dental imaging options.

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