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root canal

Root Canal Therapy in Fort Gratiot

YOU HAVE JUST LEFT your general dentist’s practice, where you’ve been informed that you require a root canal. Chances are, you started scrolling immediately through the world wide web to learn as much information as possible. 

The internet is an incredible place to gather information in today’s world. Still, it can also be plagued with dangerous misinformation from unreliable sources.

Smile Zone Dental would like to break these outdated stigmas. The root canal procedure has been advancing for years and is nothing to fear. The following are common questions associated with the procedure that we would love to debunk:

Is a Root Canal Painful?

Thanks to Hollywood, there is a stigma that root canals are an excruciating dental procedure. But you must understand that dentists perform root canals to relieve severe tooth pain and save your tooth. The treatment procedure itself should not cause any pain at all.

Dentists or endodontists use local anesthesia to numb the tooth and surrounding areas before the procedure. So, you should feel no pain at all during the process. The anesthetic turns off the nerve signals that tell your brain something hurts. However, mild pain and discomfort are typical for a few days after the procedure.

Root canals are needed when a cavity spreads to the root of the tooth and infects the pulp, causing inflammation. This inflammation or infection is where the pain comes from, not the procedure itself. A root canal saves your natural tooth and avoids extraction.

Is Tooth Extraction a Better Option?

Sometimes, patients opt for a tooth extraction to avoid spending extra time and money on a root canal procedure. Unfortunately, some patients don’t understand that a tooth extraction will eventually require more extensive dental work and costly tooth replacements. 

It is always better to try and preserve the tooth. Even though there have been significant advances in dental implants, there is still no equivalent replacement for the natural tooth. Also, extraction and implantation are much more expensive and painful than root canal treatment. 

Often, dentists recommend dental extraction when root canal treatment is still an option. For this reason, it’s essential to consult an endodontist for a second opinion. Doing this will ensure the best possible endodontic treatment plan for you.

Can Root Canals Cause Cancer?

A myth claims that 90% of cancer patients have had a root canal treatment in the past. Even though it has gained popularity thanks to the internet, no research supports this claim. Root canal treatments save the tooth structure. 

The correlation is most likely that cancerous infections and inflammation lead to a need for root canals instead of the other way around. Much research shows a link between chronic disease, inflammation, and cancer.  

Visit Smile Zone Dental Today

We hope debunking a few myths will help you make a better decision about the future of your smile. At Smile Zone Dental, your dentists in Fort Gratiot, MI, we have your best interest at heart. Call us if you have questions or concerns about saving your infected tooth.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you save your smile!