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Consider Veneers as a Cosmetic Option

Damaged or stained teeth are very common among the adult population in the United States. When visible, these less-than-ideal teeth can be the source of low self-confidence. If you’re struggling with self-esteem issues due to the appearance of your teeth, there are plenty of solutions that may work for you. Smile Zone Dental is proud to provide veneers for those looking for a cosmetic solution to damaged teeth. Learn more about this procedure offered in Fort Gratiot and MI.

What Are Veneers?

We find our patients have several misconceptions when it comes to veneers. Veneers are thin sheets of tooth-colored material that we attach to your existing tooth. We work to match your natural tooth color and cover any damage or decay on your natural tooth. The result is a tooth that looks good as new. Veneers are used to correct everything from stained teeth to misaligned teeth. The team at Smile Zone Dental can let you know whether veneers are the right solution for your appearance.

Learn More About the Veneers Procedure

Typically, the procedure to place veneers takes three visits to Smile Zone Dental. First, we’ll consult with you to learn more about your goals and take x-rays of your mouth. At the second visit, we remove a part of your tooth and make an impression to be sent to a dental lab. At your final visit, we’ll place your permanent veneers and bond them to your natural teeth. You’ll wear temporary veneers between the second and third visit while your final veneers are being constructed.

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Take Advantage of Veneers

With so many options for cosmetic and restorative dentistry, why choose veneers? Veneers cover chips, cracks, and discoloration so well most people will never know the difference. Your veneers resist future staining, so you won’t need to worry about discoloring your veneers as well. What’s more, their procedure is much less invasive than dental implants. Placing dental implants means you’ll lose entire teeth, while veneers keeps most of your teeth intact. Once bonded to your teeth, veneers require little additional maintenance besides perhaps wearing a mouth guard to stop teeth grinding at night.

Restore Your Smile with Smile Zone Dental

Interested in veneers? The team at Smile Zone Dental is ready to help. We’ve worked with numerous patients, all looking to achieve slightly different goals with their veneers. Whether you want a whiter smile or one that’s better aligned, veneers are an excellent choice. We’ll help you determine if you’re a good candidate for the procedure and what type of veneers you need for best results. You deserve a beautiful smile you can be proud of. Contact our Fort Gratiot and MI office today for more information.

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