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Caring for Michigan’s Teeth with Specialty Procedures

Smile Zone Dental is proud of the general dentistry we provide our patients in Fort Gratiot and Michigan. The routine care you receive every year helps to keep your teeth healthy and prevents issues like decay. With the exams, we can spot any issues early in their development and fix them before they grow into more severe problems. However, issues can arise regardless of your dedication to oral hygiene. When problems like a tooth infection or substantial damage affect your mouth, our specialty procedures rectify the damage and discomfort to return your mouth to optimal oral health. Don’t forget that children need regular dental care, as well. We serve toddlers and up with thorough pediatric services. Visit our dental offices to find relief when you suffer oral discomfort of any kind.

Our Selection of Specialty Procedures

Damage to your teeth or gums is virtually inevitable in your lifetime, so make sure you visit the caring dentists at Smile Zone Dental. Our doctors apply their diverse skillsets and expertise to handle a variety of dental issues, including infections, gum disease, and the common problematic wisdom teeth. At our Fort Gratiot and Michigan locations, our specialty procedures include the following:

Call for Gentle & Effective Care

Don’t let a toothache or bleeding gums after brushing go untreated. Smile Zone Dental provides patients of all ages with comprehensive dental care when plaque, an infection, or compacted wisdom teeth damage your oral health. During your regular checkups, we’ll examine your oral cavity and let you know of any issues we identify. Give us a call today to get dental care, or request an appointment at either of our locations in Fort Gratiot and Monroe MI.

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