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dental implants in fort gratiot

Dental Implants at Smile Zone Dental

Implant dentistry improves your smile’s health, function, and appearance. Implant restorations are the best option for replacement teeth. They prevent the jawbone from deteriorating, keep remaining teeth from shifting, hold restorations securely in place, and look beautifully natural. The most significant part about dental implants is that they can replace a single tooth, several missing teeth, or all of your teeth.

The dental implant procedure can hold several types of restorations. At Smile Zone Dental in Fort Gratiot, our doctors can attach a dental crown, bridge, or dentures to dental implant posts. Read on to learn more about the implant options available.

Replace a Single Missing Tooth

If you are missing one tooth due to an accident, an oral health problem, or because of periodontal disease, we can pair a dental implant with a dental crown to maintain your oral health. 

We place the titanium tooth root into the gum tissue in the empty socket left by your missing tooth. 

After the implant placement, you will enter into a three to six-month period of osseointegration. The surrounding bone supports the implants by forming around the bar, essentially making it a part of your body. A temporary restoration can be placed during this time of healing. 

Once the fusion is complete, a custom-made dental crown matched perfectly to your other teeth fills in the gap and gives you a natural-looking appearance. The main requirement for dental implants is enough jawbone. A bone grafting procedure will be required before implant placement if your bone has shrunk.

Replace Several Missing Teeth

If you are missing a few or more teeth in a row, your best option is a dental bridge. A bridge has two or more prosthetic teeth fused together to replace several missing teeth in a row. 

Unlike crowns, implant-supported bridges do not require one implant post for each lost tooth. We can use fewer dental implants to hold the bridge firmly in place.

We can also replace several missing teeth with a partial denture. As usual, a custom-made denture fills empty spaces in your upper or lower arch due to missing teeth. Strategically placed dental implant posts hold the partial denture in place securely.

Replace All Teeth in the Upper or Lower Arch

A complete denture is the best solution if you are missing all of the teeth in your upper or lower arch. In this case, we use the All-on-4® technique to replace all of your teeth. This approach holds in a full denture with only four dental implants in the arch. 

The denture is attached to the four implants and restores your smile. You can talk and eat confidently again, knowing there is no more embarrassing slippage with removable dentures.

Dental Implants in Fort Gratiot, Michigan

Regardless of the type of dental implant you choose, we will design a natural-looking tooth replacement that complements your features and improves your overall appearance. Please request an appointment at Smile Zone Dental in Fort Gratiot, MI, to find out if dental implant-supported restorations are good for you. Do not hesitate to ask more questions about the treatment plan.

We look forward to seeing you in our dental office and helping you get your smile back.