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Smile Zone Dental Fort Gratiot, Michigan

All about Fort Gratiot

Fort Gratiot, Michigan, got its name from a fort built in 1814 during the War of 1812 to guard the St. Clair River and Lake Huron junction. Named after Charles Gratiot, the engineer who supervised construction, Fort Gratiot was occupied on and off by the United States Army until 1879, when it was finally abandoned.

The need for a lighthouse on Lake Huron to guide vessels through the water became very important because of a massive surge of traffic in the early 1800s. During a severe storm in 1828, the original lighthouse collapsed into the river because of poor design and construction.

In 1829, the famous Fort Gratiot Light Station was built, making it easier for ships to spot as they entered the rapids at the head of the St. Clair River. Initially, it measured sixty-five feet high but was extended to its present height of eighty-two feet in the early 1860s.

Today, the lighthouse watches over one of the busiest waterways in the world.

Living in Fort Gratiot

Fort Gratiot is a thriving community of more than 11,000 people located approximately five miles north of Port Huron and about one hour northwest of Detroit. Fort Gratiot has a small-town charm with a big city vibe.

Fort Gratiot has a unique location next to the appropriately named Blue Water Bridge. The water from Lake Huron feeding into the St. Clair River is some of the most colorful water ever seen. Enjoy watching the boats drift by while sitting in one of the many unique restaurants overlooking the river

All in all, Fort Gratiot is a friendly, safe, and clean place to live. Downtown offers many cute shops and coffee houses totally unique to the area. 

Smile Zone Dental Dental Services in Fort Gratiot

We are proud to serve the community of Fort Gratiot, MI. We love our patients and emphasize comfort and care throughout our dental procedures. Our doctors are dedicated to staying on top of the latest technology and practices through continued education. 

We advocate preventive care and maintaining optimal dental health for the most beautiful smile that lasts. But, in life, we understand that accidents can happen. If you have a dental emergency, we are here for you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. 

VinoMondo Winery Near Smile Zone Dental

Just a short five-mile drive from Smile Zone Dental is Vinomondo Winery. Vinomondo has been the premiere wine tasting spot in Fort Gratiot, Michigan, since 2004. With a lifetime appreciation of fine beers and wines, they love offering their customers high-quality home fermenting supplies and advice on home brewing the perfect accompaniment for your next meal.

If homebrewing doesn’t tickle your fancy, no worries because VinoMondo is proud to offer tastings in their cozy pub. Stop by and pair one of their freshly made hot spreads, cheeses, crackers, or fine meats and personal pizzas with a glass of Pinot Grigio or Cabernet. 

Or better yet, order a custom picnic basket for your next date night or bachelorette party. At Vinomondo, they are dedicated wine enthusiasts. They will point you in the right direction in pairing the perfect wines and foods for your next gathering.  

Vinomondo loves what they do, and it shows. Stop by their gift Shoppe and check out the wine and beer collectibles and appliances. You won’t regret the experience, and it may even give you a budding interest in brewing your own beer and wine.