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emergency dentist in fort gratiot

Experienced Emergency Dentist in Fort Gratiot, MI 

Lately, your teeth have been extremely sensitive to hot and cold fluids. Or maybe you just chipped or knocked out a tooth. While the pain can be excruciating, you can’t help but worry about what urgent dental care will cost. Any dental problems that cause tooth pain can affect your quality of life and should be treated immediately. 

Not only is experiencing a dental emergency inconvenient, but it also costs a bit more than just a routine checkup. You’re paying for knowledge, extensive experience, high-quality modern equipment, and availability. Basically, you’re paying for the best possible urgent care when you need it the most.

The most common emergency dental care procedures are root canals, tooth extractions, filling cavities, and finishing crowns. 

Prices Range According to Several Factors

The starting price of an urgent visit depends on the type of emergency and whether you are visiting within regular practice hours or not. A basic fee is set for the initial consultation and then increases depending on the treatment. 

Several things can increase the price of your visit, including 

  • the severity of the emergency
  • location in the mouth of the affected teeth
  • the number of teeth involved 

For example, suppose the infected tooth is part of the front teeth. In that case, the average cost for a patient is less than an intermediate tooth with more than one root, like a bicuspid. On the other hand, molars will be more pricey because they have the most roots.

Tooth extraction is a widespread dental emergency. Suppose a tooth is infected or fractured, and the dentist has decided a root canal will not treat the problem. In that case, an emergency tooth extraction may be necessary. The cost varies depending on where the fracture is in the affected tooth and whether anesthesia is needed. If by chance, the tooth has erupted through the gum, it is considered a non-surgical extraction. But, if the tooth is impacted into the gum and requires anesthesia, the price increases.

Cavity fillings are also common, especially with slight fractures, decay, or surface damage. The dentist commonly uses silver amalgam or resin-based composite material. Resin fillings match your existing teeth and are a bit more costly to produce than regular amalgam fillings. Depending on which you choose, the cost slightly changes.

Knowing well in advance which procedures are emergencies and which are not, and what you should expect will help encourage you to seek treatment.

Overall, the best way to avoid higher costs is with good oral health. Preventive oral hygiene with good at-home oral hygiene is the most cost-friendly. And when it comes to contact or high adrenalin sports, always wear protective mouth gear.

Visit Your Emergency Dentist in Fort Gratiot

Don’t suffer through extreme tooth pain alone. If you require an emergency dental visit, please do not call 911. Please call us today at Smile Zone Dental in Fort Gratiot, Michigan. We’re available 24 hours a day and will work with you to provide affordable and effective emergency dental services to restore your smile and relieve your pain.